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  1. What a compilation of artists! Katie is without a doubt the best female vocalist in town & Anthony is the best guitarist I’ve ever met! Can’t wait to see you guys live! See u at your next show!!!

  2. WOW!!!!
    After last nights show it is amazing that Bistro Al Vino’s is still standing. Aural Deception was on fire!
    I have seen the band play quite a few times and they are great, but last nights show was AWESOME!!
    Keep rockin’ it!!

  3. You guys were really great last night at Sweetwater. Katie – voice extraordinaire, simply impressive.
    The band is truly worth following and inviting other friends. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. hey guys I caught your show last night at Chatfields you definitely “oWn your domain” I love the diverse set list great song choices… 0h and special props to the bass player for his backups on hysteriathat was impressive anyways looking forward to seeing you guys again PS a song for the suggestion box “down by the river” byThe Pretty Reckless it’s a great modern song and you guys would kill it

  5. I was invited to see this amazing band for my first time tonight. Thank you all so much you Rock for real. you were awesome can’t wait to see you again. Love you.

  6. I saw your band for the first time last night at the Takoda Tavern. Ya’ll are GREAT. Katie is fun to watch and really get’s into her performance. Hope to catch another show soon.

  7. Saw this band at Takodas in Parker a few weeks ago. They are really good. If you like good rock this is it! Aerosmith, Scorpions, Journey, VH, Heart etc. Great singer(good entertainer), guitarist is excellent as well.

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